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Hin Tysen's MAME cabinet
The Cabinet
The Computer
The Control Panel
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Another guy bragging about his damn MAME cabinet!

Twice a year, I take on projects that seem difficult, mainly because I have no experience in that area. Why? Just for the fun of learning how things work.

My latest project is pictured at right. I've been an avid MAME player for a couple of years and I've drooled over pictures of the MAME cabinets others have built. After reading all of those sites (thanks, all, for your great information and your great job of sharing that info), I decided to take the plunge.

Inside you'll see the details of my way-over-budget but well worth it MAME cabinet.

P.S.: I wanted to do this site fast so I used a instant-build service, Tripod. It ain't fancy but it ain't supposed to be. Plus, hurrying up gives me more time for games.

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Once a GORF, then a MegaZone, now a MAME cabinet!